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KCT-LAW FIRM, established in the Republic of Panama, whose approach from the outset has been orientated to the practice of legal counseling, combining efficiency of the proposed solution, responsability in the search of solution of conflicts, and the upkeep of a close relationship with our clients. Wa have formed a sorkin team committed with the Firm´s vision, composed by attorney-at-law specialists in all Litigation areas, such as Civil, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Family, Penal, Maritime, Arbitrations and Alternative Means of solution of Conflicts, International Commercer, Registry and Finance of Ships, Tax Law, Corporation Right, Constitution of Foundations of Private Interest, tasx consultants, managers and accountants, and other collaborators, whose efficiency, honesty adn quality are essential elements in our professional selection and in the success that we have obtained in surch a short time. As for the international practice, the Firm is in the position of coordinating with other firms in Central and South America, any legal assistance or consultations assigned since we have and excellent professional relationship in these areas. KCT Law Firm and its members actively participate in national as well as international associations of law professionals such as International Bar Association, National Bar Association, National Women Bar Associaton, American Chamber of Commerce of Panama, Chamber of commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama. Our office are located in the heart of the Commercial and Financial Center in Panama City, spécificalley in the World Trade Center building for the convenience of our corporate and financial customers.


Contact Info:

Edificio Plaza Morica, Piso No.9, Oficina 907
Calle 50 y 71 San Francisco
Apartado Postal 0832-0755 WTC Panamá, Rep. de Panama.
Tél. (507) 391-7623 - Fax . (507) 391-7624.
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